A completely new trend. Co-working in hotel interiors

The traditional model of hotel use has radically changed its assumptions over the last few years. The increasing frequesncy and intensity of business trips and travel combined with remote working make hotels strive to achieve braoder appeal in their facilities and services offered to guests. Comprehensive interior design and provision of various types of additional services are better thought out and tailored to the requirements of business guests. An innovative approach is to connect hotel interiors with the so-called ”working space” which is an interesting response to a growing need resulting from the combination of a guest’s performance of their duties yet a requirement to be out of the office.

What opportunities do hotels offer?

Companies operating in the hotel industry strive for a positive opinion among guests and satisfaction with services levels. In many hotels adopting progressive standards of service, guests can use the hotel restaurant, laundry room or wellness area. Nowadays, this is regarded as a basic standard of service.

One of the latest trends, resulting from visits of business customers, is the hotel and workplace combination. The performance of official duties has created a need to design and arrange fully functional office spaces within hotels.

Preparation for trade negotiations, meetings or the opportunity to stay in touch with your employees can be quicker and easier to organize using professional spaces such as co – working space connected with a hotel. Such provision of facilities saves time and money often associated with searching for such faacilities with the added advantage punctuality and reduction of stress of workers.

Co-working space – make-up

Due to the dynamic work specification demanded by hotel visitors on business such co – working spaces should be very well equipped with appropriate IT equipment. Remote working often requires various types of video call which are reliant on access to high-speed Internet. These interiors should not differ too much from typical office interiors – appropriate furniture, conference rooms, places to make phone calls, writing boards or the availability of printers will certainly find their use and facilitate the work of people using individual desks in the hotel co – working space.

When arranging space, hotel operators should also take into account an appropriate working atmosphere, including the opportunity to implemen a green office strategy and ensure the intimacy of employees. Such measures translate into increased efficiency of work and quality of work product in addition to users’ ultimate satisfaction with the services offered.

Advantages of hotel co-working space

A hotel offering the renting of desks inco-working space will benefit from an increase of its standard by opening up to professional groups such as freelancers or representatives of the business world. The availability of such rooms does not have to be limited only to hotel guests. The offer may also be made available to any external entitiy. An important factor is the proper preparation  of the co-working space and the comprehensive manner in which it is equipped. Therefore, it is worth using companies specialising in providing professional fit out services in this area. This is a new trend in the hotel industry market which is worth analysed in terms enhancesuch offers.


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