Can an office be a competitive advantage?

The perception of office space changes constantly. This is related to continuous development of the workplace idea from classic interiors with desks assigned to employees through to modular and flexible office equipment adapted to change in conjunction with market-leading co-working spaces providing a full range of rental options. Regardless of type, more and more owners of this style of space see their business opportunities – in well-equipped rooms adapted to the changing needs of customers.

The quick way to success

The first consciously planned working space was established at the beginning of the 21st century in the United States. Interestingly, it was a non-profit organization and provided its desk rental services twice a week even offering a free wi-fi network. This activity gave rise to a new look at workplaces. Renting single desks on convenient days and hours has become an interesting and attractive proposition for many companies and entrepreneurs.

The mutual benefits of such cooperation opened a new chapter in the perception the real estate market. For office tenants it was a new income stream being stable and profitable enough to allow for specialising in this field and overall development of the industry. In turn, for potential clients it meant an opportunity to reduce costs, begin business immediately and reduce many of the inconveniences associated with preparing an office for their needs.

As a result of many new lease offerings, the sheer availability of such offers has ceased to generate competitive advantage and added value for business. More organizations have competed in such new services offered. Aspects such as attractive office location, which should meet several assumptions, became increasingly important in the decision making process of tenants. One being easy access of employees to the workplace. First of all, town centre offices will be better connected and on othe, commuters by car spend many hours in traffic jams which can be demotivating. Secondly important element is the office interior. The way rooms are arranged, zones dedicated to appropriate specification work (conference rooms, telephone booths,) and extensive equipment supporting an increase in efficiency employees, often have a key impact on decisions made by customers about rental. Also significant is the flexibility associated with the conclusion of contracts and payment only for things that are actually used which provides an opportunity to changing conditions to adapt rapidly. Tenants of co – working spaces are developing additional services such as provide the opportunity of sending and receiving correspondence and parcels, conducting training, full IT support or registration of business, all this included within the offer of companies offering rental of ready-made office space.

An idea worth recommending

There are companies that are active and bold in the real estate market, based on the provision of high quality services related to the lease of equipped office space. Their functioning was based on a process that can be divided into three stages: finding space in attractive locations, comprehensive renovation and adaptation of interiors for potential tenants and preparation of an offer tailored to the individual needs of future clients. Such solutions are available in many cities around the world. Satisfying the needs of companies, flexibility in adapting to a changing market and thorough observation of the environment of companies have caused that such projects to find their place in a niche which no one had previously perceived as a place to build a competitive advantage.

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