Hotels – towards innovation

The impressions that guests get from their stay in the hotel decide whether they will ever return. Comfortable, elegant space coupled with exquisite restaurant cuisine and excellent service are already many good reasons to visit again but to really stand out and remain in guests’ memories forever, it is worthwhile surprising them with a little something extra. Here, modernity and technologies that enhance guest experience come in handy.

According to research conducted by SW Research on behalf of Samsung, modern technologies determine how a hotel is evaluated. In 98% of cases, the hotel can count on receiving a positive opinion and, to a lesser extent, recommendations to others.

Invisible, intelligent support

Throughout our stay in a hotel we want to feel entirely cossetted and spoiled. Nothing is more irritating than a non-functioning air conditioning system, a weak wi-fi connection or a burnt-out light bulb in the bathroom forcing us to intervene and then wait for a reaction. A hotel equipped with an intelligent Building Management System (BMS) prevents such situations. This silent invisible assistant allows the operator to control functioning of the object, including controlling and monitoring of the lighting, roller shutters and air conditioning in every room, as well as managing equipment in the hotel’s SPA and kitchen. It also expands business opportunities by allowing intelligent use of technology in conference rooms. The system also controls applications that make it convenient for hotel guests to utilise the facilities available to them.

Intelligent building management also has the advantage of saving on electricity consumption. Therefore, it is also a solution worth recommending from an environmental aspect, of which social awareness is growing. An increasing number of people are guided by environmental concerns when making choices.

Like at home

A hotel without access to wi-fi cannot count on good reviews these days, especially among younger customers. However, this should already be a standard so what can we surprise you with? Guests feel fully comfortable when they are able to take care of their own needs. This is why more and more hotels are equipped with SMART TV, i.e. multifunctional devices that allow you to independently set the desired temperature, operate roller blinds and, of course, control your favourite entertainment gadgets. Touch panels for lighting and temperature control are also highly appreciated. Not surprisingly, the popularity of air purification devices is also growing.

It is worth providing the opportunity for the guest to configure their smartphone with the hotel operating system to make it convenient to order various services such as room service, SPA treatments or car rental.


The implementation of innovative solutions demonstrates that the hotel is trying to modernise its image by following the changing needs and demands of its guests. In this industry, it is always essential to leave the best possible impression on guests. One that cannot be easily forgotten over time.

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