Quadrature Office – a showcase of fit-out opportunities

Different requirements, needs and expectations of employees often pose a serious challenge during the seemingly pragmatic approach to office space creation. This is connected, among other things, with the work specificity such as telephone conversations, meetings or quiet focussed concentration. Regardless of the mode in which tasks are carried out, office space should be optimally designed and support employees in their duties. So the question arises of how to design an office that reconciles the interests of all groups? We have faced these challenges by designing Quadrature Group’s office while creating a new chapter in our company’s history.

An approach that makes a difference

What should Quadrature Group’s office look like given that interior design is the very core of its operations? The seemingly simple question was the beginning of intensive collaboration between Spanish architects and Polish specialists. Thanks to the development of a coherent concept of effective solutions, criteria were created that provided signposts during the entire process of creating our office. During the implementation we carefully considered a high level of aesthetics. For example, to hide unsightly wiring, all electrical conduits were routed under the floor to exit exactly where they are needed. Seemingly imperceptible and imperceptible solutions, often overlooked in interior design, increase the comfort of work and improve the overall appearance of the space.

Showroom bursting with possibilities and solutions

Using the developed project as a model, we divided the usable space into several smaller and adequately equipped zones according to the needs of employees. The main room is open space where employees spend most of their time. Long desks, large windows and bright wall colours create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation. We also included some high tables to work while standing up.

We have not forgotten about team meeting places. There are 2 conference rooms for this purpose – the first being soundproof and surrounded by purple tinted glass (as a nod to our logo), bright chairs and a table. The facilities of the second conference room are suspended from the beatifully designed ceiling resembling a cap. With furniture and equippment seemingly hovering in mid-air, the novelty and creativity makes this room most often remembered by our guests. Each room is fully equipped with the latest technical facilities.

Our office thalso provides spaces designated for short interactions for smaller groups. Here we can find two such spaces constructed in the style of railway buffet car compartments equipped with electrical outlets and full connectivity. Comfortable seating covered with soft material, fabric-lined walls and white tables create an atmosphere of concentration. Just behind the “wagons” there are telephone booths – and we are not joking! Three small glazed rooms with seating are provided specifically to allow privacy for phone conversations.

When an employee feels tired and wants to get away from it all for a while, he can use our games and play area where a wide variety of distractions await. A moment or two of relaxation is a very important and necessary element during the whole working day. The room is not restricted by availability with employees and their families being able to take advantage. Taking care of our guests is a priority for us so we have reserved space for them as well. Right at the entrance there is a pleasant place where visitors can sit and wait comfortably, surrounded by colorful walls.

Despite the limited space and many challenges, we have managed to create a workspace that supports employees in their daily activities, is pleasant to the eye and free of any material shortcomings. To us, the created office is perfect space branding which we hope will be an inspiration for companies that care about preparing optimal space for their employees.

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