Quadrature Group

What we do

Adaptative Wokplace Solutions

What we do

QUADRATURE does not only give shape to our client´s ideas: we make them true. We adapt all their needs to a process of integral solutions to make them stronger and more solid.

We create exceptional designs that generate innovative and more efficient workplaces, and also atracttive leisure and commercial centers.

Our approach consists of satisfying our clients needs and offer the custome-made design solutions that every project require.

Renovation and refurbishment

Our experts are committed to the creation of ideal spaces for every need during the whole process: from demolition and design to furniture placement.

Sustainable environments

We give life to the projects integrating the nature with innovative designs, both inside and outside. So we add an awareness for sustainability endorsed by the strictest certifications.

Physical and psychological wellness

We create spaces for comfort, so each area motivates the talent of those who inhabit it.

Different spaces for different needs

We give flexible solutions to develop workspaces that adapt to the needs at every moment.

To do that, we have the most sophisticated technology.

The purpose of QUADRATURE: to find a balance between design and functionality, the client’s company philosophy and the cost.

We work together as a team to optimize the space and get the maximum efficiency.