The house where Santa lives

Without doubt, the fit-out project that we were commissioned to do for Santa Claus, no less, will be remembered for years to come. As time passes, the world changes and Santa felt the need to adapt to the 21st century.

Our work included the transformation of many elements. We had to strengthen the construction of the house throughout, from roofs to the foundations. We took the opportunity to give the house a bit of a modern touch. Certainly, the most fun we had was when designing Santa’s office by modernising the existing classic style with heavy wooden furniture and corrugated textured carpets.

Santa’s kingdom

We would keep the Christmas colours: green, white, reds and browns with golden accents. Old wooden floors would be polished and painted grey and gold. Near the entrance we would create a magical meeting place for children with a tall Christmas tree festooned with gilded, natural ornaments surrounded by soft, comfy Christmas-themed bean bag cushions.

We would equip Santa’s workshop with a modern desk with a solid wood top and electric height adjustment to allow Santa to work in different positions together with a ergonomic swivel armchair that would be able to be adjusted to the weight and fiery character of its user. The system of wall-mounted monitors, fiber-optic internet and the most modern technological solutions straight from the TV stations that we would have chosen would allow Santa Claus to supervise the Christmas action from one place.

For Santa Claus, famously attached to tradition, we prepared a special rest space in the style of his office including a beautiful library furnished with classical furniture.

We have completely changed the lighting in this room. The ceiling lamps emulate snowflakes with gilded candelabras installed in the meeting places, as nothing like a candle flame creates a warm and homely atmosphere. we also hung a festoon of glittering gold stars flowing down at different heights and suspended invisibly from the ceiling beams.

Where’s the work going?

What about the work of the saint’s assistants? We replaced some stalls where the beams had deteriorated or been chewed by impatient Rudolphs and installed a system for automatically dispensing water and portioning delicious carrots. Additionly, we focused on the working and storage areas in the spacious basement by fitted the most up-to-date, intelligent toy sorters so that the elves did not have to separate the gifts for boys and girls by hand.

The space receiving most modernization was the kitchen and dining area. We placed a huge table surrounded by chairs so that a small family of elves could eat together. Also installed a whole system of modern dishwashers and ovens to bake for Santa and his elves, adding spicy gingerbread to the animation. We installed a water filtration system and state-of-the-art coffee machine.

Out of concern for Santa’s beauty sleep and that of his cheerful bunch of elves, we modeled the bedrooms on the latest hotel solutions such as oversized beds with medium-hard mattresses, interiors and lighting of warm colours, furniture made of natural materials and pleasant to the touch, modern bathrooms with shower cubicles.

And you know what? The best gift we got from Santa after completing the work was his jolly laughter and “ho, ho, ho!”, his expression of satisfaction, approval and appreciation.

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