What does the new Alfonso XIII look like?

Built in 1929, the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville underwent a major renovation some years ago, which presented big challenge for Quadrature: the delicate matter of renovating and modernizing of the building while preserving the historic character of the architecture.

Located in the heart of Seville, the hotel lies adjacent to the impressive Alkazar royal palace and cathedral. Designed in the popular Andalusian neo-Mudejar style, the architecture combines elements of Arab and Christian art. Almost a century after its opening, the city authorities decided that it was time to renovate it, but in such a way that it fully preserved its historic character.

Renovating a monument is a challenge

The renovation of the Alfonso XIII Hotel is a challenge but also represents a great responsibility as it is considered a monument and one of the most magnificent and beautiful places to relax in the Andalusia capital. For this reason, much of the work was required to be carried out by hand requiring great care and precision. Renovations were carried out both inside and out. Such works included, among others, structural, floors and attention to decorative elements with much consideration given to the use of appropriate materials and substitute of elements, fixtures and fittings. A good example is the removal and replacement by hand of damaged tiles as well as reinforcement of the existing building structure with steel elements. Ceilings and insulation throughout the hotel have also been thoroughly renovated. A great deal of attention has been paid to the unique marble floors being restored or replaced.  Walls have been decoratively painted and wooden doors restored or re-manufactured and protected from harmful external influences. The renovation also included refurbishment of the grand ballroom and installations throughout the building in addition to strategic demolition. Quadrature’s remit also encompassed preservation of all unique building elements such as decorative moldings, fireplaces, glass and upholstery.

As a result, the Alfonso XIII Hotel was not only modernised and improved in functionality, but also adapted to new building regulations in force. At the same time, it has successfully maintained its historical character.

Luxury Andalusian style

Unsurprisingly, the hotel building attracts a great deal of attention with its imposing towers, Arabic arches and Renaissance-style windows. Inside, Andalusia’s signature hand-painted ceramic tiles, wood carved furniture and marble floors are a real eye-catcher. The 151 rooms are designed according to one of three concepts: Moorish, Castilian or Andalusian. There are also three original apartments. The Reales Alcázares Suite offers warm, slightly mysterious interiors with views of the gardens and fountains of Real Alcázar. Torreón has a private terrace with a view of the hotel’s corner tower, the panorama of Seville with the Royal Suite boasting hand-decorated antiques including a “Bargueño”, a Spanish renaissance desk inlaid with mother of pearl.

The hotel also offers a wide range of dining options. Visitors can enjoy two restaurants. The first being a Spanish restaurant, Bodega Alfonso, with its beautifully located terrace and the second being the San Fernando offering Andalusian dishes. There are also two bars at the guests’ disposal; one located near the luxurious Taifas outdoor swimming pool and the second boasting an eye-catching interior inspired by the Moorish style and serving cocktails and Mediterranean cuisine.

The Alfonso XIII hotel offers a spacious and beautiful ballroom, the Salón Real, able to accommodate up to 500 people and allows access to the terrace and view of the hotel gardens. Crystalline installations and wrought-iron doors inspired by Andalusian cathedrals attract the eye.

The renovated Alfonso XIII is the quintessence of Andalusian style and hospitality. The hotel is modern but at the same time allows you to commune with the spirit of the local rich history where different styles and epochs mix. Even if you spend just one night, you will be left with an unforgettable impression of your stay.

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